• A holistic assessment is the foundation of all homeopathic work, so we will talk about your physical symptoms, but also your mental and emotional state and your nature as a person.

  • I’ll ask questions to learn about your current situation and the underlying conditions.

  • I will then prescribe a homeopathic remedy based on your individual situation and who you are.

  • We will meet in my office in south Minneapolis for about two hours.

Bring your completed health evaluation form and client bill of rights. I will email the forms after you make your appointment. Downloadable forms are also available on my website by following this link. This is important, because your answers will provide valuable insights into your current symptoms, health history, medications, and supplements.

Most clients have a follow-up appointment in 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, you can call me if you have any questions. We may continue to meet if you have a chronic or longstanding health condition. We may also meet again when you have a new problem, or when your health or life changes.

At the initial consultation, you and I will explore the full picture of what’s going on


During Treatment



The benefits of homeopathy are cumulative and far-reaching. With a well-chosen remedy, you can expect to see improvement in your chief concern. You may also experience more energy and vitality.

Possible flare-up of symptoms

The first week, symptoms occasionally flare up. This is usually mild and short-lasting. No cause for worry – in fact, a reaction can indicate that the remedy is working.


Continue other medications

Never discontinue any medication without first consulting your medical doctor. Homeopathy will not interfere with most other treatments and in many cases will enhance what you are already doing. If you are on medication, I can integrate homeopathic treatment with conventional medicine.

Speed of healing

The course of your treatment will depend on the action of the remedy and the depth of the illness. Healing may be slower if you have been taking potent pharmaceutical drugs or have had major surgery.

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us now knowing this truth. We are at our best when they give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work” 


– Albert Schweitzer


Homeopathy is typically less expensive than conventional care, especially for people on high-deductible health plans. Remedies also cost less than pharmaceutical medications.

Standard fees

Initial consultation (includes first remedy)$300

Initial consultation, age 3 and under (includes first remedy)$250

Follow-up consultation (30 to 50 minutes)$95

Follow-up consultation (over 60 minutes)$150

Consultation by phone $95 an hour

Acute prescriptions $50 to 95

Remedies $15 to $35

Gentle reminders

  • If you have related questions or concerns, please talk with me when scheduling your appointment.

  • Most insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover homeopathic care. Check with your insurance provider.

  • Most Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts will reimburse you for homeopathic services.

  • Please be prepared to pay for office visits, phone consultations, and remedies at the time of service with check or cash.

  • I don’t charge for the first cancellation as long as it’s rescheduled. Please give a courteous 24 hours if possible so I can fill your time with my waiting list. I charge a missed-appointment charge after the second cancellation.


Office and calls 

I meet with clients in a private, comfortable office in a professional building in South Minneapolis.


Phone consultations

Phone consultations can be scheduled for some follow-up care and for clients living outside the Twin Cities. Acute care is generally handled over the phone. A convenient, cost-effective way to continue your care!

House calls

I have also made house calls to meet clients’ special needs.



Do you have any questions? Would you like to set up an appointment? I encourage you to contact me.



Phone: 612-824-7808

If I’m with a client, please leave a message and your call will be promptly returned.

 Jackie Krammer Classical Homeopathy, 

4306 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409

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