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What people are saying..

Jackie’s treatment did more than help the aches and fatigue of my fibromyalgia. Surprisingly, we also addressed longstanding grief and anger. I feel much less debilitated by fibromyalgia.  As a side benefit, my acid reflux symptoms have lessened tremendously. – Kathy S.

When I sought Jackie for homeopathic treatment I was having difficulty breathing. I was blindsided by an asthma attack that was very scary. I had asthma as a kid and it brought back many bad memories. The inhaler and over the counter meds I used were always a temporary fix. I didn’t have much faith in modern medicine for asthma and wanted to try a natural remedy.  Jackie was tender, warm and understanding.  I was impressed that she wanted to hear my life struggles with this affliction. Since taking the remedy I have not had any issues with my breathing. I feel relieved that I can breathe normally without fear. I was a little apprehensive and uneducated about the homeopathy. Now I am a firm believer in this process. I would recommend homeopathy treatment to anyone struggling with this asthma. – Jerry P.​

Being in the health field myself, I appreciate the accuracy and clarity with which Jackie approaches her work. She took great care of my mother after her open heart and knee replacement surgeries. Jackie is a loving and supportive person. It is a feeling of peace and all is well when you are treated by her. – Margaret H

Homeopathy helped me with post traumatic stress and depression from a car accident. Jackie’s treatments helped me feel calmer, alert, and aware of other people, but no longer afraid of driving. Not only did I heal physically, but I healed emotionally. It was a perfect treatment for me and helped me so much. – Ashley W.

I had surgery to repair a broken wrist. The day after surgery my hand was badly swollen. The pain killers I was taking put me in a percoset fog and my hand still hurt.  Jackie gave me a remedy which I began taking before bed. When I woke the next morning my hand felt 100% better. The swelling had gone down and the pain was greatly reduced. – Eric H.

When I met Jackie I could not believe how patient and understanding she was. I was pregnant with morning sickness that lasted all day and night. I went on two types of medications, but the side effects were worse than the sickness. Medicine did not work for me and I did not like the fact that it could harm my baby. The homeopathic remedy helped me 100 percent. I was able to enjoy being pregnant and went from being sick all day to feeling like myself again. – Lisa W.

Jackie played a critical role in alleviating a number of issues I experienced postpartum. I will be forever grateful for my interaction with her. I experienced hormonal and digestive issues as well as ovarian cysts as a result of a postpartum contraceptive measure that turned out to be quite ill-suited to me. After exhausting a number of options in Western medicine, I looked to homeopathy.  Jackie listened closely to the details of my situation and treated the “whole person.” I had low expectations after being dismissed so quickly elsewhere, but I was blown away by the results of Jackie’s treatment. It was truly the missing link that got me on the road to recovery.  – Louise T.

Jackie and her practice have been hugely beneficial in treating my chronic psoriasis. I’ve suffered with itchy, irritated and unsightly skin for about six years. The psoriasis was particularly bad on my arms with my upper arms being totally covered. Working with Jackie has kept me off prescription drugs that work by weakening my immune system. – Will T.

I first started seeing Jackie after suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years and reaching a point where I believed there was no relief from the symptoms. I was having trouble with joint pain, insomnia, allergies, exhaustion and depression.  Jackie hit upon the right remedy immediately and it was just a matter of days before I was feeling much better.  Jackie has a serenity that makes me feel like I am in a safe place with someone who really cares about me. I finally found someone who is able to put the pieces of my health puzzle together to find a successful treatment.  The best part of all is that I no longer get sick with anything – even a cold or the flu. I no longer have joint pain; the insomnia is gone, no more allergies. I am able to do just about everything I want to do with joy. – Mary R.

Jackie is a conscientious and caring professional. At an appointment Jackie is attentive and never rushes through. The most impressive thing is how she listens to the patient. She will engage you to discuss any other stressors and changes. I have benefited from the remedies Jackie has prescribed with no side affects. If you contact her for an acute illness, she will recommend an OTC homeopathic remedy.  I would recommend Jackie to anyone with a health issue. – Wendy M.

Jackie prescribed a remedy for my son’s ear infection. His pain went from a “ten” to a “two” in 20 minutes and he was well enough to go school the next day. – Suzanne B.

When I first started seeing Jackie, I was experiencing some difficult emotional grief, depression, and anxiety. Jackie was supportive and helpful, as were the remedies she prescribed.  I find Jackie’s approach to homeopathy empowering and healing. I feel so thankful for Jackie’s persistence in finding just the right remedy for my current sleeping issues. – Martha V.

My ob-gyn wanted to put me on all sorts of hormones to avoid surgery after having a few months of horrible and scary menstrual cycles. It did not rest well with me so I rang Jackie’s bell. It has been an incredible journey and I am so grateful and confident that I am on the way to wellness. – Kathy P.

We took our two-year old daughter to Jackie. We felt that her behaviors would not be something that traditional medicine could address. A once-happy baby, our daughter changed drastically around 20 months of age. She started crying non-stop and experienced frightening, volatile tantrums. She would bang her head on the floor or wall. We were unable to calm her down.She had issues with wearing certain types of clothing. She wouldn’t sit in her high chair and didn’t want anything to do with food. After homeopathic treatment, she is back to her old self. Her crying outbursts and tantrums are gone. She is a happy kid. I can’t stress how much the change in her has improved our lives. We have Jackie to thank for that. She selected the perfect remedy and we’re still in awe of how it worked. – Ali F.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease at 13 months and ultimately childhood asthma at age 2.  We gave her steroid treatment up to four times per day each winter. In a typical winter she would get many colds, one right after another.  Each cold would turn into a constant cough and wheeze. On the playground she would start wheezing with very little activity. It is amazing what homeopathic treatment has done for her.  She had a few mild colds this winter, no visits to the doctor, no wheezing, and we only had to use the nebulizer two times the entire winter period. We could not be more thrilled with our results from working with Jackie.  Her desire to help us was present from our very first meeting and she changed our lives when it comes to the health of our daughter! 

– Libby E.

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